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Stainless Adaptors, Welding, Fittings
Services: Services

Valve Alterations 

This popular service allows you to make use of existing valves that you may already have in your process line. Sometimes it can be more cost effective to make use of valves that you already have by adapting the connections. With a quick turnaround you can send us the valves, we’ll adapt them and send them back. Contact us for more information 


Adaptors & Manifolds

We can Supply process valve manifolds, along with all other types of process fittings. With a quick turnaround we can supply one off fittings to multiple fittings and adaptors. Some of the more popular products include, • Racking / Cask Filling Arms• Wort Aeration Assemblies • Carbonation stones • RJT - TRI CLAMP adaptors• Sightglass Assemblies• Pump Protection Strainers• Duplex Filters• Hose Assemblies• DIN - RJT Adaptors• CIP Pump adaptors• Probe Adaptors• Hygienic Gauges
And all other stainless steel process fittings and components


Stainless Steel Fittings

As an Independent stainless steel supplier we can source and supply various stainless fittings and components, we can offer a machining service for flanges and much more.• Elbows • Tees• Flanges• RJT , DIN , TRI clamp , SMS , IDF unions• Saddle, hinged pipe clips• BSP fittings• Sprayballs• Sightglass• Concentric / Eccentric Reducers• Butterfly Valves• Ball valves• Non Return Valves• Fasteners• Swept Tee• Y piece• Pump protection Strainer• In-line strainer• Air eliminators • Pressure reducing / relief valves• RJT cone filters


IBC transfer sets, CIP sets , Pasteurisers

We can also fabricate larger equipment for your needs. Including such things as IBC transfer pump set, Mobile CIP sets, heat exchanger sets , keg washes, filter sets, and much more Contact us for more information or with your enquiries 


On site installation & Repairs

We offer On site installation including pipefitting, fabrication and repairs. Dan is also a CPCS qualified appointed person to undertake lift plans. 


Flow Plates, Link Panels , Swing Bends

Stainless flowplates and swing bends . An efficient way of moving the product along various routes. Whether you require 3 port or 15 port, we’ve got you covered

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